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Timely - Privacy Policy

Users are typically concerned about the privacy of their email and whether Timely stores the contents of email messages, and whether any of this data is shared with third parties. The information below is meant to address these concerns.

How does Timely integration work?

Timely is a very simple application that works in two parts. The first part is a simple interface that enables adding action type, due date and labels to the email composer. The second part is when the receiver gets messages with action, timing or labels sent via Timely's composer. These fields are displayed to the recipients so that they can take action on the email by the specified date and time.

To make this work, your browser needs to make connections to Timely's servers. Timely's server in turn needs to make connections to Gmail API. 

We note that Gmail does not allow a third party integration like Timely to connect to account data without the use of SSL and all of the communication from your browser to Timely's server's are encrypted. Similarly all the communication between Timely's server's and Gmail are also encrypted.

How is the email body used?

Timely associates the email that is sent using the email's message ID, a unique identifier to the message, to add the new fields action, timing and labels. When the recipient opens the same message ID, they would see the new fields as well. The email body is completely unused by Timely. 

Does Timely store the content of your email message?

No. Timely does not store the email body. It does associate the email message identifier with new fields, but not the message body contents itself. 

Does Timely share any of your data with third parties?

No. Timely does not share any data with any third parties. Timely will only use access to read, write, modify, or control Gmail message bodies (including attachments), metadata, headers, and settings to provide an extension that allows users to compose, send, read, and process emails and will not transfer this Gmail data to others unless doing so is necessary to provide and improve these features, comply with applicable law, or as part of a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets. Timely will not use this Gmail data for serving advertisements. Timely will not allow humans to read this data unless we have your affirmative agreement for specific messages, doing so is necessary for security purposes such as investigating abuse, to comply with applicable law, or for the Timely's internal operations and even then only when the data have been aggregated and anonymized.

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